Antonio vizcaíno



Landscape photography is the link between nature and our emotions.

             Antonio Vizcaíno

Antonio Vizcaino, was a mexican landscape photographer, editor, and conservationist that published over thirty books in his thirty seven years of photographic career. 2001 was the year that he embarked on his trademark expedition: America Natural – that led him during more than twenty years in a journey of discovery to photograph the most preserved regions of the American continent (“from Tierra de Fuego to Alaska”), immortalizing landscapes with none or extremely limited human impact. 

Antonio grew up in Guadalajara, Jalisco. From a young age, he was a member of a mountaineer group where he learned to love adventure. For his University Education, he moved to Mexico City to achieve his plan of pursuing a career in cinematography which was later redefined when he moved unexpectedly to India. While living in India, he built up a catalog and photographic records of different Indian provinces by working for the Mexican embassy. He developed a passion for photography and moved to New York, at the age of 26, to study at the International Center of Photography. 

After completing his studies in New York he returned to Mexico where he began to work with museums, archaeological projects, and the portrait of lives and rituals of indigenous populations in Mexico – such as “Lacandones” and “Huicholes”. Before starting America Natural, Antonio collaborated with Mexican institutions on conservation initiatives, as well as pioneered the opening of the Body Shop in Mexico – leveraging his connections with local producers and bringing them to Body Shop’s ethical supply chain.

During America Natural, Antonio collaborated with high-profile institutions, writers, scientists, explorers, pilots, among others, and brought to life over 12 landscape photography books of the highest quality. Possible thanks to Carlos Fernandez, Grupo Modelos, who sponsored the nature trilogy Water, Forest, Mountain. This led him to greater and more extensive trips where he was able to meet Kristine and Douglas Tompkins, founders of Tompkins Conservation. The three of them acquired an endless friendship and collaboration that inspired the continuation of publications and travel throughout the world for the last fifteen years of his life. 

Antonio Vizcaíno´s collection is devoted to disseminating natural beauty to foster a new, more respectful culture regarding our surroundings. This story highlights the importance of individual journeys – as, by looking through Antonio’s eyes, you will feel an urge to explore beauty.